Cookie Policy

At Read My Life, we use automated technologies to enhance your experience on our Platforms. This notice explains how we collect information, including personal data, through technologies such as cookies, beacons, tags, and scripts. We aim to provide transparency about our data practices and how you can manage your preferences.

What is a Cookie?

A “cookie” is a small text file that websites place on your computer or mobile device. These files help websites recognize your device, improve your browsing experience, and tailor content to your interests.

We use various types of cookies on our Platforms:

  • Strictly Necessary Cookies: These are essential for our Platforms to function correctly, enabling actions like logging in or filling out forms.

  • Performance and Functional Cookies: These cookies help us analyze site visits and improve our website’s performance and functionality. They provide insights into popular pages and user navigation.

  • Targeted Advertising Cookies: Our advertising partners may set these cookies to understand your interests and show relevant ads on our site and others.

  • Social Media Cookies: These allow you to share content via social media buttons or link your account with us to social networking sites.

Cookie Duration

We use both session and persistent cookies, depending on the type of analysis or advertising engagement. These technologies work together to provide you with a better, more personalized experience.

You May Opt-out

You have the option to refuse functional and advertising cookies by adjusting your browser settings. Please note that if you change browsers, you’ll need to update your preferences accordingly.

Contact Us for Questions or Concerns

If you have any questions or concerns about our automated technologies and how they relate to your personal information, please reach out to us at We value your privacy and are here to assist you.

Thank you for choosing Read My Life for your personal insights and experiences. Your privacy and preferences matter to us.

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