Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

Pivot into power, Aquarius—at full wingspan! You’re stepping into 2024 carrying some baggage from the past couple years, and we can hardly blame you. The decade got off to a heavy start, with the pandemic AND tough Saturn in Aquarius for the first three years. You’ve been freed from those shackles, but you’re still dragging the weight of Pluto in your twelfth house of endings and release. ,That’s about to change. Potent Pluto is moving into YOUR sign this month, staying until September, then settling into Aquarius for 20 years starting on November 19. Get ready to lead us all into the true Age of Aquarius. It is indeed dawning, with you at the helm!,Fear not, Water Bearer, you’re allowed to ease into this process gradually. As 2024 dawns, find time to quietly contemplate what you want to manifest this year. You won’t be operating at full power before January 20 while the Capricorn Sun rests in your cathartic, soulful twelfth house. Instead of forcing matters, turn inward. You could receive intuitive hits about your future path while you’re daydreaming, journaling or even sleeping. Unwind while you have the chance! Aquarius season launches on January 20 when the Sun blazes into your sign for its annual monthlong cycle.,But wait, there’s more! Alchemical Pluto barrels into Aquarius that same night, marking the beginning of a two-decade transit that will reshape your identity from the inside out. Although you could get a wild hare to overhaul important areas of your life, remember only fools rush in. Major changes are ahead, but they don’t need to be put in motion post-haste.,No need to be “lonely at the top” either, Aquarius. Powerful partnerships could reach peak ripeness at the January 25 Leo full moon. And on January 27, your ruling planet Uranus awakens from a five-month retrograde, unveiling inventive strategies for handling family and domestic matters.,Dream your way into 2024, Water Bearer. Your year gets off to an ethereal start as the Sun drifts through Capricorn and your restful, restorative twelfth house until January 20. While everyone else is racing out of the starting gate, you have planetary permission to slow your roll. Resolutions and ambitious plans can wait. It’s time to get plenty of shuteye, process any lingering emotions and double down on self-care. Think of this as your annual hibernation leading up to your birth season when you can reflect on the last 12 months in a peaceful, quiet setting. Take stock of what went right—and what didn’t. ,The twelfth house rules forgiveness and closure, so if tempers flared during the holidays, make amends. Since active Mars is hiding out in this house from January 4 to February 13, you’ll be operating from behind the scenes, so don’t hold out for applause. If you get frustrated, consider volunteer work, which can be extra gratifying during this transit. If you notice yourself slipping into old self-sabotaging ways, confront your hidden motives head-on.,With transformational Pluto wrapping up its stay in Capricorn, this is the last month in your life (yes, really!) when you’ll experience both Pluto and the Sun together in this realm of your chart. On January 20, these two planets align exactly before marching into YOUR sign. Prepare the fireworks, Aquarius! It’s time to make a big release of what no longer serves you—and get ready to step into your power like never before.,Forward motion returns! The holidays threw you a frustrating curveball—or maybe an unplanned digital detox—thanks to Mercury retrograde’s backspin, which began on December 13. For the past week, the planet of communication has been rogue in Sagittarius, disrupting your eleventh house of collaboration and technology. Here’s hoping this phase was also a productive pause, or at least a chance to reconnect with old friends since Mercury retrograde can bring back people from your past. ,Now as Mercury regains its usual pace at 10:08PM EST on New Year’s Day, it’s time to move forward with group endeavors. Is there a membership to renew, a friendship to get back on track, a shared project you can infuse with fresh energy? All digital ventures are favored now, from upgrading your software and apps to buying a phone to launching your new and improved website.,Endings are beginnings in their own way, the portal into a new chapter. On January 11, you’ll feel the truth of that statement when the annual Capricorn new moon—the first new moon of 2024—sweeps through your twelfth house of closure and release. You may need to let go of one phase in order to truly start fresh this year. What’s weighing you down energetically and feeling too heavy to keep carrying, Aquarius? ,This new moon has a special message: Allow yourself to be vulnerable and receive support. Don’t shy away from delegating or asking for help if you need it. This is a perfect moment to begin (or reboot) a spiritual practice like meditation, and to commit to a more mindful approach to daily life. Integrate self-care into your day-to-day routine if you’ve lapsed on any of your grounding habits. ,This new moon will also form an impossible-to-ignore 90-degree square to the lunar nodes in Aries and Libra, the rulers of your communication houses. What are you keeping inside that you haven’t found the courage to say out loud? And where could you maaaaaybe stand to hold back a little more so that you come across as tolerant rather than preachy or forceful about your opinions? Calibrate your conversations so that you don’t suppress yourself but everyone feels heard and valued.,Your new and improved self makes an official debut on January 20, when the Sun blazes into your independent and fiery first house. Tap your renewed energy and confidence, and put your most personal agenda on the front burner. ,With transformational Pluto entering your sign again today, you feel more of a burning urgency than ever to prioritize your passions. This will pick up speed as we progress into February and more planets crowd into your sign. Maybe this is the year you finally make a film, strike out on your own or simply learn to put yourself first. These next four weeks are all about YOU!,Your world is about to be rocked once again, Water Bearer! Heavy-hitting Pluto is back in Aquarius and your first house of identity, its second shorter visit before it settles in for a 20-year stretch in November.,You had your first taste a little less than a year ago. From March 23, 2023, to June 11, 2023, heavyweight Pluto made its first appearance in Aquarius since 1798. On January 20, it shows up for its second visit, which will last until September 1. Next comes a final encore in Capricorn (September 1 to November 19) before the planet of transformation settles into Aquarius until (gulp) 2044.,Due to its irregular, elliptical orbit, Pluto spends anywhere from 12 to 30 years in each sign, and it takes a total of 248 years to make its way through the entire zodiac. Over the next two decades, while regenerative Pluto rumbles through Aquarius, the question is this: Who will YOU be in this next era that all of humanity will experience on one level or another? Not everyone will know what it’s like to host Pluto in their Sun sign during their lifetime. Your soul made the decision to be born at a time when you were destined to learn about Pluto’s power firsthand.,Slowly but surely, the planet of alchemy will generate a profound transformation of your selfhood, and while it will begin as an inside job, the impact will reverberate on the surface as well. You could alter your physical appearance and the way you present yourself. This intense cycle could bring about major change in the way you want to be seen AND the way others see you.,Make time for a special someone—or the key players on Team Aquarius—at the January 25 Leo full moon. This lunar light beams into your seventh house of committed partnerships. Coupled? Step back from your casual crew and colleagues and give your S.O. the early Valentine’s Day gift of your undivided attention. Single Water Bearers could meet someone with long-term potential today or over the next two weeks.,If you’ve been on the fence about whether to stay or go, these decisive moonbeams will help you finally reach a decision. A partnership that’s been developing since as far back as the August 16, 2023, Leo NEW moon could reach a key turning point. This is a great day to hammer out deal points or even sign on the dotted line, especially now that Mercury retrograde is over. ,Part of a healthy partnership, no matter whether it’s at work or at play, is being able to see things from another’s POV and give a little as you take a little. Don’t forget the power of negotiation during this full moon. Even the most celestial of connections have to meet in the middle sometimes, and a little compromise never hurt anybody. With the full moon opposite Pluto in Aquarius and squaring off with supersizer Jupiter, make sure to consider your personal desires and emotional needs before agreeing to anything binding.,On January 27, changemaker Uranus, your ruling planet, ends a five-month retrograde. Since August 28, Uranus has been reversing through Taurus and your domestic fourth house, stirring up friction and some old dynamics under your roof. ,With Uranus moving forward, instability or slowdowns related to your family or living situation will begin to clear up. If you’ve been at a crossroads, innovative Uranus could bring in some unexpected new options. Don’t be surprised if they’re far out of your comfort zone since expansive Jupiter, the planet of luck and personal growth, is also in Taurus until May 25.,For Aquarians who are parents or want to be, this transit could bring news of pregnancy, IVF success or adoption. If you have some emotional healing to do, explore alternative modalities, from sound healing (Taurus rules the five senses) to craniosacral therapy to EFT tapping. When Uranus gets a helpful beam from energizer Mars this January 29, you could be extra motivated to clear away past pain so you can start fresh.,The month opens with the love planets, Venus and Mars, both in Sagittarius and your objective eleventh house, helping you detach and regain perspective from any drama that the holidays served up. Take a time-out from the intensity and enjoy some spirit-lightening laughs with your crew. Coupled Aquarians might enjoy a little more autonomy and independence. You don’t have to do everything together to feel connected—in fact, a little separateness can make you feel closer when you’re together.,From January 4 until February 13, Mars will be in Capricorn and your twelfth house of fantasy and closure. This month can herald a period of deep sensitivity and a possible painful-but-necessary farewell. You might bid adieu to an outmoded part of a relationship (but keep the person around). ,Is there something you’ve outgrown that was once exciting but now feels stale? For single Aquarians, old habits that stand in the way of satisfying connections should get the heave-ho. This Mars cycle is here to teach you about receiving and being vulnerable. If you weathered a recent breakup or betrayal, you could be nursing your wounds now. Give yourself the time you need to heal.,Fantasies start to take flight on January 23, when Venus slips into Capricorn and your windswept twelfth house until February 16. The upside is that your compassionate side returns, drawing enchanting people into your orbit. But your sign’s propensity for denial is also dialed up, and you could assign a set of idealized traits to someone who has yet to legitimately earn them. Enjoy the rosy tint this Venus cycle casts on everyone, but keep that gullible side in check.,There’s no doubt that you FEEL ready to blast off into the professional stratosphere, but pace yourself, Water Bearer. The Sun will be in Capricorn and your restful, introspective twelfth house until January 20. While you have energy to burn, it’s not infinite, and you need to conserve it for the really big moments. Climb into bed a little earlier to make sure you’re getting adequate REM time, and no electronic devices starting an hour before that!  ,Action planet Mars will be in Capricorn and your foggy, restful twelfth house from January 4 until February 13, and that internally focused energy is better for creative visualization, meditation, journaling, participating in workshops or classes that stoke your imagination—and taking plenty of breaks in between all that! There’s a payoff for giving your mind a rest period, in case you’re thinking it’s a “waste” of time. ,Aquarius season storms in and reboots your system on January 20. With this burst of steam, put the pedal to the metal. This is a momentous day because transformational Pluto enters your sign until September 1. This is the second of three visits before Pluto settles into Aquarius for a long, 20-year stretch starting November 19.,Love Days: 21, 25,Money Days: 6, 14,Luck Days: 3, 12,Off Days: 23, 28, 11,See All Signs,


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