Aquarius Weekly Horoscope From January 22 To January 28

by The AstroTwins,Got some loose ends to tie up in your love life, Aquarius? Whether you’re forgiving, forgetting or forging the way for a new chapter, the next three weeks are a prime time for any such transitions. Tuesday, January 23, Venus exits your raucous eleventh house and lands in Capricorn and your twelfth house of healing, intuition and fantasy. Part of you may want to run away from anything overwhelming and hope that it just “handles itself,” but that’s just denial. Diplomatic Venus is here to help you parse through tough emotions with love. You may need to soften a few rock-hard boundaries and give someone you’ve stonewalled a chance to be heard. If you’ve kept a lover at arm’s length—but every cell of your body wants to bring them close—Venus in your twelfth house can help you surrender. Will this fairy tale be temporary or a forever thing? You won’t know right away, but the pure ecstasy of the experience may be worth it either way. One thing that’s sure to help is leading with your heart more than with your head. You can’t think your way to love, but you CAN feel it. Whether you’re single or attached, you’ll know exactly what you need on a deep emotional level if you quiet your mind and tune in. Venus in the twelfth house is also excellent for healing. If you’re dealing with any grief or disappointment, don’t push yourself to “get over it.” Be gentle and surround yourself with supportive friends until Venus wraps up this internally focused phase and zips into your sign on February 16. 


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