Cancer Weekly Horoscope

After scrambling your signals for the past few weeks, messenger Mercury is ready to make amends. Translation: On Monday, January 1 (at 10:08PM EST), the quicksilver planet concludes its three-week retrograde, which began on December 13 and turned life into a comedy of errors—except it probably hasn’t been particularly laughable. But now, with the planet of analysis and communication moving forward, you can clear up any confusion that its back-spinning may have wrought. Hopefully you can look back with amusement at the ironic mishaps and meltdowns that interfered with everything from your emails and deadlines to your ability to make it to yoga. If you embarked on—or thought about embarking on—a cleanup or decluttering mission that went nowhere, hang in there, Cancer! Mercury’s course correction restores optimism—and focus. And as it treks through Sagittarius and your systematic and efficient sixth house until January 13, you’ll soon recognize yourself as the self-disciplined manifestor you know yourself to be. Since this chart sector also rules health and healing, setting clear intentions and building in rewards for reaching milestone goals will make getting stronger and fitter less taxing. When you board the wellness wagon, bring a workout buddy along for the ride so you can hold each other accountable!,Two becomes your lucky number this week, Crab, and for that, you have Mars to thank. On Thursday, the red-blooded planet blasts into your seventh house of committed relationships for the first time in two years, reminding you how joyful aligned, passionate partnership can be. Between now and February 13, single Cancers could meet someone with keeper potential and launch a ‘gramworthy romantic relationship (or a business or creative collaboration). Mars wastes no time, so if you’re clear about what you’re looking for—and aren’t carrying a torch for someone no longer in contention—things could shift suddenly and dramatically! Do a little soul- (and psyche-) searching for any renegade fears or self-doubt that could spring up out of nowhere and derail forward progress. Mars brings courage, and if nothing else is working, fake it till you make it! True support comes when you surround yourself with confident, supportive people you know have your back—and who draw out your best qualities. Couples have a prime opportunity to reset any imbalances, open up new, deeply honest lines of communication, and rekindle fading embers. One caveat regardless of your relationship status: Impulsive, reactive Mars can add as much tension as excitement, so pay attention to what’s welling up inside you over the next six weeks. It’s all manageable, but there’s no reason to endure unnecessary stress!,See All Signs


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