Kuan Yin 100 Divination Lots

When you want to hate, be love
When you want to judge, be love
When you want to fight, be love
And when you want to be right, Be love

Lesson No.13 of Kuan Yin Be Love


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Please Follow the

Steps to Draw a Lot

1. Purify: Find a quiet space and cleanse your hands, symbolizing purification.

2. Intention: Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and set your intention or question clearly.

3. Virtual Draw: Click the icon, “draw” a lot, and visualize the process.

4. Read: Read the displayed number and divinatory text carefully, connecting it to your question.

5. Reflect: Close your eyes, reflect on the guidance, and relate it to your situation.

6. Gratitude: Mentally thank Guan Yin for the guidance received.

7. Closure: Close the window, take deep breaths to re-center, and return to the present moment.

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