Leo Monthly Horoscope

It’s your time to shine, Leo! In 2024, you’re being called to make an impact in the world through your natural leadership talents. But first you need to attend to a few non-negotiables that will allow you to rise to those heights.,Dust off your kettlebells: Your 2024 resolutions go into effect immediately! Your health, fitness and overall life management get a boost from the radiant Sun, motivated Mars and a January 11 fresh-start new moon in determined Capricorn and your sixth house of work and wellness. Until January 20, the Sun shines its energizing rays in this productive corner of your chart. Carve out set times for self-care so you can let people know, for instance, that you’re at the gym four specific mornings a week and won’t be available for meetings until 9:00 on the dot.,With metamorphic Pluto traveling alongside the Sun, you’re extra driven to improve your eating habits and workout routines. You’ve also been obsessed with overhauling your systems, and your efforts have probably helped you streamline your workload so you don’t get overwhelmed.,While January’s admin-heavy emphasis may seem a wee bit dull, we have news that should sound a whole lot sexier: On January 20, both the Sun AND Pluto rocket into Aquarius, charging up your seventh house of relationships with major mojo. Pluto is returning to Aquarius for the first time since March 23, 2023–June 11, 2023 and will camp out there until September 1 this year before popping back into Capricorn for one last hurrah. On November 19, 2024, the planet of deep transformation will embark on a world-changing tour of Aquarius that won’t wrap up until 2044 (yep, you read that right!),A career opportunity could show up out of the blue around January 27 when electrifying Uranus awakens from its five-month retrograde and plugs your career court back into the socket for seven months straight. If the entire world doesn’t already know how awesome you are, January 25 is THE day to shine bright enough for everyone to see. The annual full moon in Leo empowers you to put your talents on display, so be sure to strut your stuff that day!,Happy, healthy New Year, Leo! You’re ready to turn the calendar page, thanks to the Sun’s annual sojourn through Capricorn and your sixth house of well-being and work that continues until January 20. Sync your new fitness tracker. Say goodbye to the Christmas cookies and hello to nutritious winter fare like lentil soup and roasted cauliflower. And move your body—even if it’s just a brisk walk around your neighborhood. You might also explore some of the year’s wellness trends like using DNA sampling to customize a personal eating plan. Will munching on medicinal mushrooms really fight inflammation? Give it a whirl! ,With action-hero Mars also in Capricorn from January 4 to February 13, you’re a fiery ball of energy, especially on the job and at the gym. Focus on doing what’s most critical rather than angling for accolades. You’ll get an extra charge out of using your talents to help others, so lend a hand, generous Lion…but only if you can spare the time. You have the power to make a difference while transformative Pluto takes its final lap through Capricorn. This is the last time he’ll keep the Sun company in Cap during your life. They’ll align exactly on January 20 as both segue into Aquarius. Now THAT’S a dramatic enough finish for a Leo to appreciate!,Speak your truth again, Leo! New Year’s Day gets a cosmic lift when communicator Mercury ends a three-week retrograde at 10:08pm EST. Since December 13, your passionate stance may have come on a bit too strong for some people. Perhaps you’ve gotten dragged into drama in spite of your best intentions. As Mercury corrects course, you can finally start speaking from the heart—without fear of being misunderstood. ,A rocky romantic period that started when Mercury backed into Sagittarius on December 23 will sort itself out. From the return of an ex to bickering with your boo to other “ghosts of Christmas past,” those unsavory stocking stuffers will soon start evaporating. Onward to a new year and a fresh start!,Feeling the effects of your holiday season indulgence? Here’s your reset button, Leo. On January 11, the Capricorn new moon catapults you into wellness-warrior mode. Infusing your healthy, organized sixth house with fresh-start energy, the first new moon of 2024 arrives like a cosmic cleanup crew. ,If your exercise and eating habits are ready for a change, this new moon will support your efforts. Got a project you want to launch this fall? Start drafting your plans now. Your incremental efforts will pay off a little more every day. ,Set some goals for where you’d like to be with your vision and vitality by mid-2024. This year will serve up a rare TWO full moons in Capricorn, on June 21 and July 21. You’ll have double the opportunities to make sustainable changes to your habits that will pay off beautifully.,Just make sure you don’t create systems that are overly rigid or structured. The new moon will form a challenged 90-degree square to the karmic lunar nodes. Experiment with regimens that simplify your life but build in enough flexibility to adapt as you travel, expand your social circle and explore new ideas in 2024.,Balanced relationships will become a central theme starting January 20, when the Sun moves into Aquarius and your seventh house of interpersonal ties. Now that your self-care quota has (hopefully) been met, you’ve got energy to tend to your closest ties. Balance out the give-and-take in your circle. Ask for support or delegate instead of trying to do it all yourself. ,An exciting business partnership or romantic relationship could turn official, especially as planets cluster into Aquarius in early February, activating this commitment-focused zone of your chart. No need to wait for Valentine’s Day to let Cupid know you’re open for business, Leo!,Welcome back to relationship school, Leo. Your closest ties will be a classroom for the soul as transformational Pluto makes its way into Aquarius for a second short stretch before plunging in for the long haul later this year. With the planet of transformation in your committed relationship zone, your bonds will be anything BUT breezy—and the term “power couple” could take on an even more impactful meaning.,This is your second taste of how Pluto in Aquarius will play out in your life, Leo, because you had a sneak preview a little less than a year ago. From March 23, 2023, to June 11, 2023, heavyweight Pluto made its first appearance in Aquarius and your seventh house of partnership since 1798. On January 20, it shows up for its second visit, which will last until September 1. Next comes a final encore in Capricorn (September 1 to November 19) before the planet of transformation settles into Aquarius until (gulp) 2044.,Due to its irregular, elliptical orbit, Pluto spends anywhere from 12 to 30 years in each sign, and it takes a total of 248 years to make its way through the entire zodiac. Over the next two decades, while Pluto marches through your interpersonal seventh house, your assignment is deep “shadow work.” Do you keep attracting the same type of person? Do you play out a certain dynamic over and over? If you want to graduate, you need to stop repeating this grade.,Between now and September, be a keen observer of relationship dynamics—from the subtle to the serious. Aim to understand how the individuals and issues you draw to you are reflections of your own unhealed complexes. And the only way to heal is to deal. Silently thank the people in your life for being your greatest teachers. Then start integrating the lessons you’ve learned so you can become a better partner and ally—to others AND to yourself.,Take a timeout to celebrate yourself on January 25, when the once-a-year full moon in Leo aims its high beams at you. Look back to the August 16, 2023, Leo new moon—and to your last birthday—for clues of what might be coming full-circle now. Do you remember your wishes as you blew out that last row of candles? Today’s full moon is the manifestation point of whatever you started back then. ,Take stock of how far you’ve gotten and either move on or recommit to your mission. Got a passion project to reveal or a big ask to make? These moxie-filled moonbeams push you to take that leap of faith. But don’t overshoot the mark. With gambler Jupiter squaring off against the full moon, you might be tempted to jump ten steps ahead instead of just boldly striding into the next stage.,Is everyone on Team Leo an ally? Calculating Pluto will oppose tonight’s full moon, casting shadows at you from your relationship house. Someone might be feeling silently resentful, jealous or left behind. While you COULD attempt to clear the air, be careful not to get sucked into any gaslighting or guilt trips. You should never have to shrink your impact in order to make another person feel like they’re enough, Leo.,Instead of giving your energy away to a vampire, lavish some lovin’ on yourself. You’re fabulous in all your forms, but a regal lion like you needs a glam tune-up from time to time. You may be feeling the urge to brighten up your appearance thanks to this lunation occurring in your first house, so here’s your permission to click “Purchase” on that Sephora haul or add a hot pink streak to your mane. The old cliche “When you look good, you feel good” is not untrue in your case!,Step up and lead, Leo! Exciting professional projects could be on their way—and you’ll want to keep your calendar open. On January 27, changemaker Uranus ends a five-month retrograde through Taurus and your career zone, a backspin that began on August 28, 2023. This slowdown may have disrupted your ambitious plans or derailed you from your mission.,As Uranus corrects course and turns direct (forward), a chance to rise into a leadership or prominent role could come, perhaps unexpectedly. If you haven’t been able to express your pioneering ideas or to get others to buy into them, that could all change now. With lucky Jupiter also in Taurus until May 25, it’s time to step into your rightful role. ,Whether that looks like owning a business or leading a team, the point is for you to be in charge of your terrain. You want to be able to look back in a year and say, “That milestone was met because of MY process” or “That happened because of me!” This is the year you could make a powerful contribution, adding to your Leonine legacy. When action planet Mars forms a fast-moving trine to Uranus on January 29, you’ll be especially inspired to make a bold move.,Valentine’s Day arrives a month early, and you’re here for it, Leo. The month opens with the love planets, Venus and Mars, both in Sagittarius and your passionate, playful fifth house. When transformational Pluto steps into Aquarius and your relationship house on January 20, a deep new chapter of your love life is starting, one that will stretch until 2044. Get ready to do some major healing around themes of togetherness and belonging—and to blaze trails by modeling new ways of living and loving in the Age of Aquarius.,Things simmer down a bit after January 4, when Mars enters Capricorn and your orderly sixth house. Single Leos will be more focused on getting work done and doing self-care than actively dating. Couples could tackle a winter home reno project together—perhaps not the sexiest thing, but it will solidify your bond between now and February 13. Your reward? Mars will move into your committed relationship house, just in time to deliver a Leo-worthy Valentine’s Day.,On January 23, Venus also enters Capricorn, staying through February 16. With the love planets in your analytical, picky sixth house, make sure your standards aren’t so high that nobody can meet them. This comb can exacerbate fault-finding and perfectionism. Instead of focusing on your flaws or overthinking a connection, redirect this obsession into self-care, exercise and healthy pursuits to help you regain a clearer perspective.,Streamline and simplify your way to success! While the Sun is in Capricorn and your orderly sixth house until January 20, declutter, donate and delegate tasks you don’t need to do. Looking for an assistant, a tech specialist or a babysitter? Your perfect person could appear, especially when Mars moves into Capricorn on January 4 until February 13. ,The sixth house rules helpful people. But get the facts and figures before you invest any of your precious time, money or resources. Because Mars can stir up heated emotions, you may experience conflicts with an assistant or service provider. Make sure you’re only dealing with pros who are up to the task. As they say, cheap can be expensive!,The January 11 Capricorn new moon could also turn up a great right-hand person or two. And when the Sun and Pluto move into Aquarius and your partnership house on January 20, you could magnetize a potent new ally.,The month ends with a January 25 Leo full moon that catapults you into your power. The spotlight follows you wherever you go and whatever you do, so make sure you look the part. If you’ve been craving a makeover to reflect your new professional starpower, this is the time to splurge. But don’t think of it as “wasting” money but as an investment in your own advancement! With trailblazer Uranus turning direct in Taurus and your career house on January 27, you’ll have good reason to dress for success.,Love Days: 8, 12,Money Days: 19, 28,Luck Days: 16, 25,Off Days: 23, 11, 14,See All Signs,


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