Leo Weekly Horoscope

Every item on this page was chosen by an ELLE editor. We may earn commission on some of the items you choose to buy.,This week brings good news for Leos who’ve been flying under the radar. On Monday, January 1 (at 10:08PM EST), extroverted Mercury concludes a three-week retrograde that began in Capricorn and your health sector and ended in Sagittarius and your fun-loving, amorous fifth house. Life may feel like a cosmic coming-out party as your energy and playful spirit come back online. From now until January 13, the messenger planet will be speeding full steam ahead through that flirty, flamboyant fifth house. All eyes will be on you (the way you like it), but to make the most of this celestial spotlight, you should do any emotional repair work that seems warranted. Single? Test the romantic waters by putting yourself out there, mingling and seeing who blips across your radar. If you’re ready to call in a keeper, make sure your own vibration is high, consistent and strong! What image are you beaming out into the world, Leo? You can think of Mercury trekking through your fifth house (AKA the “Leo house”) as an A-list publicist and creative coach rolled into one who is in your corner helping you fine-tune your personal brand over the coming few weeks. Be prepared to take some strategic risks—from your wardrobe choices to the way you express your love language. Couples can clear up any miscommunications that muddied your emotional waters over the past several weeks. Take the high road and be the one to apologize and wave the white flag.,Later in the week, you may feel inexplicably inspired to get a jump on a make-better mission—anything that has the potential to streamline your life and enhance it! On Thursday, energizing Mars bolts into Capricorn, waking and shaking up your sixth house of healthy habits, work routines and high-minded service. The impassioned red planet hasn’t visited this sector of your chart in two years, and his arrival can signal a sea change that will get you back on track with mindful eating and regular exercise. Mars can be a bull in a china shop, so the one caveat is to pace yourself and not try to cram months of goals into a week. In Capricorn, the sign of its exaltation, Mars has the patience and willpower to take appropriate action steps when opportunities arise. But YOU have to keep yourself aligned with this slow, steady pace, Leo. Starting now, Mars turns your focus to matters related to your salubrious sixth house. If you need your physical environment to be tidy and organized to be productive, start there. Clean and declutter and get your filing and storage systems in order. And to honor Capricorn energy, create a realistic timeline you can stick to. If you already know there will be aspects of the mission that you don’t enjoy—and aren’t particularly skillful at—commit in advance to outsourcing them. But tap Mars’ thrill-seeking vibes and challenge yourself to try something new, whether a 21-day challenge at your yoga studio or an anti-inflammation diet.,See All Signs


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