Libra Monthly Horoscope

You’re at the beginning of a deeply transformational year, Libra. With the karmic south node moving through your sign until January 2025, you’re shifting in important ways—some of them below the surface. The best prescription for 2024? Find as many moments of stillness and quiet as you can. Much of the progress you’ll make will be an inside job, but trust us, you’ll have a lot to show for it if you do that inner work now.,Lucky for you, January sets the scene for peaceful introspection. As the vibrant Sun powers down in your fourth house of home and family until January 20, you’re in the mood to hunker down at Hotel Libra. Are you feeling inspired to spruce up your space or find a new place to hang your hat? The first new moon of 2024 lands in this domestic domain on January 11, encouraging you to take action. If you’re content right where you are, carve out as much downtime as you can—including replenishing solitude and hygge hangs like game nights, potlucks and snuggling on the sofa.,After the Sun and Pluto blast into Aquarius on January 20, your playful, passionate fifth house will be lit! Pluto is returning to Aquarius for the first time since March 23, 2023–June 11, 2023 and will camp out there until September 1 this year before popping back into Capricorn for one last hurrah. On November 19, 2024, the planet of deep transformation will embark on a world-changing tour of Aquarius that won’t wrap up until 2044 (yep, you read that right!) In the meantime, move your most glamorous winter ‘fits into heavy rotation and serve up lewks at concerts, on dinner dates, over apres-ski hot cocoa—wherever the fun is. People will flock to you like moths to a flame, Libra. ,And to top it all off, experimental Uranus wraps up a five-month retrograde and resumes forward motion in your seduction sector on January 27, inviting you to shake things up in the bedroom…or outside the bedroom, since breaking with convention is sort of the point!,Home is where your heart will be as January begins and the Capricorn Sun builds a cozy fire in your domestic fourth house. Until January 20, the year has a sentimental, family-oriented feel for Libras. But your holiday season may not have been all sugarplums and candy canes since the communication planet Mercury pivoted retrograde on December 13 and will continue its wire-crossing cycle until late on January 1. Holiday guests could have gotten under your skin, or clashing political views may have generated friction. ,Fortunately, galvanizing Mars is charging through this part of your chart from January 4 to February 13, giving you oodles of energy for household projects you’ve been putting off for ages. Tackle that bathroom reno or refinish the coffee table, but first run it by anyone you share space with. This transit is notorious for ratcheting up tension with relatives and roomies! ,Powerful Pluto is ending its tenure in Capricorn this month, meaning this is the last time it will travel in tandem with the Sun in the sign of the Sea Goat in your lifetime. And in suitably dramatic fashion, they’ll form an exact alignment on January 20 before swinging into Aquarius. Quite a grand finale!,Clear skies—and minds—ahead! On New Year’s Day at 10:08PM EST, communication planet Mercury ends a tricky retrograde backspin that began on December 13. The retrograde started off in Capricorn and your family sector, which was hardly ideal timing with the holiday season. Then, on December 23, Mercury backed into Sagittarius and your interactive third house, wrapping you in a blanket of brain fog while muddling your messaging.,Making a decision is hard enough for your sign, Libra, and analytical Mercury’s backspin was no help. Good news: There’s no need to rush into anything. Give Mercury a chance to completely straighten out, and use the time between now and the January 11 new moon to weigh the pros and cons of everything you’re considering. If your mind is still going in circles, try to break the gridlock by NOT thinking in black-or-white terms. Could you do a little of BOTH? Trying to pick just one thing doesn’t always lead to satisfaction. So play with your options, and don’t feel pressured to commit to anything until you feel 100 percent ready.,Ready for a change at Casa de Libra? You may have been pondering switching up the energy in your household, if not opting for a whole new address. When the Capricorn new moon arrives on January 11, you’ll have a clear idea of any changes you’d like to make on the home front, whether that means more relaxation and respect under your roof, a brand-new decor scheme or starting your search for the next place you’ll live. ,Important discussions with family could arise, or you may commit to prioritizing self-care and emotional healing. Check in with your heart and intuition before making a dramatic life change. How will this impact you and the most important people in your life?,It will probably take some negotiating before you all get on the same page. The Capricorn new moon will be in a three-way duel with the karmic lunar nodes, which are in Aries and Libra—your relationship and personal identity houses. Your desires may be at odds with an important person’s, and compromise won’t come instantly. ,Trying to please yourself, your family AND your closest people (romantic partners, business allies, BFFs) is an epic feat for anyone. For a Libra, it sounds downright exhausting. Unfortunately, you can’t charm your way out of a decision now—you’ll have to be direct. ,See this as a golden opportunity to advocate for yourself, perhaps with a bit more tenacity than usual. But also be aware when stubbornness has taken root. Come from a heart-centered but grounded place and you’ll see positive results by the summer, when a rare TWO Capricorn full moons appear, on June 21 and July 21.,Following your heart will be easier starting January 20, when the Sun starts a monthlong foray through Aquarius and your fifth house of passion, love and creativity. Your Valentine’s Day vibes begin early, especially with Pluto tag-teaming with the Sun, and several other planets to follow. ,The next four weeks could bring fame, revitalized romance and burst of creativity. Since the fifth house rules fertility, a pregnancy is possible for some Libras. O, the spotlight could find you—even if you’re not courting it—as your unique self-expression draws fans and admirers. ,Take the plunge, Libra! Shape-shifter Pluto rockets into your fifth house of love, creativity and self-expression this January 20, the second shortish visit before it settles in for a transformative, 20-year stretch in November. ,You got a sneak preview of this last spring. From March 23, 202,3 to June 11, 2023, heavyweight Pluto made its first appearance in Aquarius since 1798. On January 20, it shows up for its second visit, which will last until September 1. Next comes a final encore in Capricorn (September 1 to November 19) before the planet of transformation settles into Aquarius until (gulp) 2044.,Due to its irregular, elliptical orbit, Pluto spends anywhere from 12 to 30 years in each sign, and it takes a total of 248 years to make its way through the entire zodiac. Over the next two decades, while regenerative Pluto treks through your performative fifth house, powerful desires will drive you to wear your heart on your sleeve, share your authentic self with others and move them with your passionate message. Heavy hitter Pluto in Aquarius pushes you to show off your talents with pride. In your private life, it will inspire you to be more courageous in your relationships.,Shadowy Pluto will draw people into your orbit who hold a mirror up to you, teaching you more about what you’re really made of. You could attract a soulmate you vibe with on a profound level—someone who requires you to be more vulnerable than ever. Even sweet romances will involve deep growth, thanks to Pluto’s all-or-nothing energy. ,A perfect day to commune with your crew arrives on January 25, when the year’s only Leo full moon beams into your eleventh house of collaborations and group activity. A shared endeavor you’ve been working on (possibly since as far back as the Leo new moon on August 16, 2023) could come together with a flourish. Take stock of Team Libra and make sure everyone’s pulling their weight. Redistribute roles and delegate as needed.,Since the eleventh house rules technology, you could be launching a digital venture or online project near this date. Celebrate the shared victory by thanking everyone for their hard work, whether that’s with a thoughtful card or gift. ,Has a friendship run its course? You may decide to redirect your energy toward other people who are aligned with your goals and values. Making friends as an adult doesn’t need to be intimidating; set up a virtual happy hour with a coworker you admire, reach out to that person who keeps liking your Tweets or reconnect with a childhood buddy and reminisce about the good old days as you update each other on your lives today.,Dodge the drama queens and jealous types, though. With the full moon opposite Pluto and in a tense square to Jupiter, you might be caught off-guard by a snarky comment or jab at your expense. That so-called friend’s true colors might just be an unflattering shade of green.,Time to make it ultra-official? This January 27, Uranus ends a five-month retrograde in Taurus and your proprietary, intimate eighth house. Out of the blue, you could hear of an opportunity to join forces, and possibly finances, for mutual gain. And the spoils could be supersized, thanks to abundant Jupiter’s presence in Taurus until May 25. If there was ever time to take a calculated risk, it’s 2024.,With experimental Uranus in your erotic eighth house, a mind-body-soul attraction could heat up. With tech-savvy Uranus here, you might meet someone virtually or cement your bond via pixels before you get to experience your off-the-charts chemistry in the flesh.,Does that sound exciting—or a little overwhelming? Libras tend to ease into commitment VERY slowly. But sitting eternally on the fence is still a commitment: You’ve simply committed to NOT committing! And that kind of deliberating is the opposite of freedom. So if you know you’re ready to make this choice, remember this: You’ll feel an open, expansive energy when you say “yes” to one clear path. ,Uranus has been retrograde since August 28. As the side-spinning planet corrects course, take advantage of this decisive energy to make your moves. If you haven’t been authentic about something that’s crucial to your comfort, speak up! Get clear on your priorities and needs from any joint endeavor, so you can say a clear “yes” or “no” with peace in your heart.,The month opens with the love planets, Venus and Mars, both in Sagittarius and your third house of communication. For couples, this can be a productive time to clear the air, as long as you give each other equal time to speak. Pro tip: Use “I” sentences rather than “you” phrases to prevent your partner from getting defensive (it’s a 101 technique that we all forget!). ,Luckily, romantic Venus is in Sagittarius until January 23, which will soften your delivery. This Venus assist reminds you that there IS another person involved here and that happy unions involve dialogue and compromise. If you find yourself obsessing, Venus prompts you to go out with friends, read a book, and turn your attention elsewhere. ,Mood swing alert! On January 4, Mars will move into Capricorn and your emotional, domestic fourth house until February 13. You’re feeling sensitive, sentimental and emotionally raw this January. You may still be nursing a holiday hangover—either missing your loved ones or stewing over a clash with a combative relative. Unresolved feelings about your mother may have intensified. While everyone else is all pumped to start 2024, you could feel out of sync with the world. ,It might help to explain to your partner and friends that you need some extra comfort or affection or space—and not to take your grouchiness to heart. But hello, double standard: you’ll be prone to taking EVERYTHING personally now. Nurture yourself with every creature comfort you can find. ,On January 23, your sentimental side strengthens as Venus enters Capricorn and your fourth house of sensitivity and security until February 16. Your moods could be subject to change (without notice!) during this nostalgic phase. Be mindful not to take everything quite so personally because you run the risk of lashing out at the ones you love. Committed couples, your next step could involve a cohabitation station. What’s ahead: renting a shared apartment, buying a home, meeting the parents? Nudge it along to the next level.,Hunker down for productivity, Libra. The Sun is in Capricorn and your domestic fourth house, making you happiest at home. Another reason to take it easy? Energizer Mars will move into Capricorn and your emotional fourth house from January 4 until February 13. This reflective cycle will emphasize your personal life more than your professional goals. Set up your home and workspace to foster creativity and balance.,This electrifying Leo full moon on January 25 in your teamwork zone brings a project to culmination or a turning point. If there’s nothing left to accomplish, you might be ready to move on. Over the coming two weeks, sniff around for an innovative new collaboration.,On January 27, your long-term finances get a boost when disruptive Uranus ends a five-month retrograde in your eighth house of joint ventures. A digital venture or investment could start to take off fast!,Love Days: 12, 16,Money Days:23, 6,Luck Days: 21, 3,Off Days: 28, 19,See All Signs,


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