Ex-Flame Love

Navigating the Embers of Past Passion

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Steps to Commence Your Tarot Reading

Step 1: To enjoy our premium services, we warmly invite you to join our community! Simply click on “Register” to become a member of Read My Life and then log in to start your journey with us. We’re excited to have you aboard!

Step 2: Look for the “Buy RML Token for Reading” option at the bottom of the page – this will direct you to the checkout. Remember, the token is valid for 10 minutes only. After your purchase, simply return to the “question” page and refresh it to see all the cards displayed.

Step 3: Initiating the Shuffle: Click on the “Shuffle” button while contemplating your question or thinking deeply about your relationship. This digital action symbolizes mixing the cards and aligns the tarot deck with the energy of your inquiry.

Step 4: After shuffling, choose eight cards from the deck. Each card represents a critical aspect of your relationship:

Card 1: The Past Flame This card represents the initial spark and attraction in your past relationship with your ex-flame. It reflects what brought you together and the emotions you shared.

Card 2: The Burnout This card signifies the reasons or events that led to the burnout or breakup in your past relationship. It helps you understand what went wrong.

Card 3: Lingering Emotions This card delves into the lingering emotions you or your ex-flame may still hold regarding the past relationship. It explores what feelings remain beneath the surface.

Card 4: Obstacles to Rekindling This card reveals the obstacles or challenges that stand in the way of reigniting the flame with your ex. It helps you identify potential roadblocks.

Card 5: Rekindling Potential This card assesses the potential for reigniting the love and connection with your ex-flame. It provides insight into whether a renewed relationship is feasible.

Card 6: Self-Reflection This card guides you to reflect on your own growth and changes since the breakup. It encourages self-awareness and personal development.

Card 7: Communication and Healing This card focuses on the importance of communication and healing in the context of rebuilding a connection with your ex-flame. It offers guidance on how to approach these aspects.

Card 8: Future Possibilities The final card looks at potential future outcomes based on your actions and decisions. It provides a glimpse into where the relationship might lead if you choose to pursue it.

Step 5: After making your card selections, please wait for all the cards to appear before pressing the ‘REVEAL THE SECRET‘ button. Once the button turns green, kindly allow approximately two or four minutes for the RML System to process your choices. You can access the result in three ways: 1. Read the displayed content on the screen; 2. If you provide your email address, the result will be sent to your email; 3. A download button at the bottom allows you to download the result in .txt format to your computer. 


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