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Steps to Commence Your Tarot Reading

Step 1: To enjoy our premium services, we warmly invite you to join our community! Simply click on “Register” to become a member of Read My Life and then log in to start your journey with us. We’re excited to have you aboard!

Step 2: Look for the “Buy RML Token for Reading” option at the bottom of the page – this will direct you to the checkout. Remember, the token is valid for 10 minutes only. After your purchase, simply return to the “question” page and refresh it to see all the cards displayed.

Step 3: Initiating the Shuffle: Click on the “Shuffle” button while contemplating your question or thinking deeply about your relationship. This digital action symbolizes mixing the cards and aligns the tarot deck with the energy of your inquiry.

Step 4: After shuffling, choose five cards from the deck. Each card represents a critical aspect of your relationship:

The Attraction Card: Represents the initial spark of attraction and what draws you to the person you’re interested in.

The Connection Card: Reveals the potential for a deeper emotional connection and shared interests or values.

The Communication Card: Reflects how well you communicate with each other and the ease of expressing your feelings.

The Obstacle Card: Identifies any challenges or barriers in the relationship, which may need to be addressed.

The Outcome Card: Predicts the potential outcome of your flirtatious connection and whether it may lead to something more significant.

Step 5: After making your card selections, please wait for all the cards to appear before pressing the ‘REVEAL THE SECRET‘ button. Once the button turns green, kindly allow approximately two or four minutes for the RML System to process your choices. You can access the result in three ways: 1. Read the displayed content on the screen; 2. If you provide your email address, the result will be sent to your email; 3. A download button at the bottom allows you to download the result in .txt format to your computer. 


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