Heavenly Offerings: Bridging the Earthly and the Eternal


In the profound tradition of honoring ancestors, Heavenly Offerings presents a unique and respectful way to continue the bond between the living and the departed. Our service is deeply rooted in the age-old Chinese practice of burning joss paper, a ritual symbolizing care and reverence for those who have passed on.

Our Collection: A Bridge to the Afterlife

  • Eternal Wealth: Select from intricately designed fake money, including traditional joss paper and contemporary currency styles, for provision in the afterlife.
  • Celestial Residences: Choose paper houses, each symbolizing shelter and security in the spiritual realm.
  • Golden Blessings: Opt for fake gold bars and jewelry, representing prosperity and happiness for your ancestors.
  • Wardrobe for Eternity: Our range of fake clothing ensures your loved ones are well-dressed for their eternal journey.
  • Spiritual Communication: Connect spiritually with replica cell phones and gadgets, bridging the modern world and the ancestral plane.

Seamless Service: Pickup and Ritual Burning

  • Upon collection of the products you have selected, we will ensure their ceremonial burning at a temple, conducted in the reverent presence of Buddhist monks. This sacred ritual guarantees that your offerings are respectfully conveyed to the spiritual realm, honoring your loved ones with dignity and solemnity. Following the ceremony, you will receive photos and videos documenting the burning of the products, providing you with a tangible connection to this meaningful tribute.

Our Commitment: Cultural Respect and Eco-Friendly Choices

  • Honoring Traditions: Our products are crafted with respect for Chinese cultural and religious beliefs.
  • Eco-Conscious: We provide eco-friendly options, mindful of environmental responsibility and spiritual integrity.

Occasions for Remembrance

  • Ideal for Qingming Festival, Hungry Ghost Festival, and other significant dates for ancestral veneration.

Global Service, Local Heart

  • Our service reaches globally, maintaining the precious connection with ancestors for Chinese communities and those embracing these traditions.

Heavenly Offerings: Keeping the Flame of Memory Alive

  • In each item we offer, there is more than paper and ink; there is a thread of continuity, a gesture of undying love and respect. Choose Heavenly Offerings to express your deepest sentiments in a tradition as timeless as memory itself.

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