Pisces Monthly Horoscope

Better, stronger, faster. As 2024 opens, you could feel like you’re a few months into some rigorous training and already seeing the first results of your hard work and dedication. For nearly a year, you’ve been hosting tough Saturn in your sign, and the ringed planet has been putting you through the, e, wringer.,As 2024 gets underway, there’s strength in numbers. Who’s on Team Fish? The Sun is shining its high beams in determined Capricorn and your collaboration camp, inspiring you to put together a dream team that could very well carry you through this entire year. Give your resolutions a strong foundation by joining a mastermind group or a fitness class that’s taking on a 30-day challenge. With the Sun activating your humanity house, philanthropic endeavors are favored. Join forces with others and volunteer for a cause you care about, compassionate Pisces. Bonus: You might encounter like-minded souls near the January 11 Capricorn new moon (also in your humanity house) or the January 25 Leo full moon in your service sector.,January 20 brings a major shift that will promote your emotional healing and spiritual growth. Not only does the Sun sail into Aquarius for its monthlong visit to your cathartic, transitional twelfth house, but that same night, metamorphic Pluto also parades into Aquarius. This is Pluto’s first visit to Aquarius since March 23, 2023–June 11, 2023, and it will camp out there until September 1 this year before popping back into Capricorn for one last hurrah. ,On November 19, 2024, the planet of deep transformation will embark on a world-changing tour of Aquarius that won’t wrap up until 2044 (yep, you read that right!) Your journey to true freedom begins as you release stagnant situations, grudges, old wounds and anything else that doesn’t serve your highest self. And after Uranus pivots direct in your communication court on January 27, you might even be asked to speak or write about your life-changing revelations!,The inaugural month of 2024 kicks off with a festive bang as the Sun in Capricorn lights up your eleventh house of socializing, friendships and group activity until January 20. Sure, the mistletoe has been put away and the eggnog’s expired, but that won’t stop you from seeking out like-minded and light-hearted companions now. RSVP “yes” to large gatherings like house parties and industry events and get some squad nights on the books. ,Bonus: With fierce and motivating Mars in Capricorn from January 4 to February 13, teamwork really makes the dream work! And what’s a Pisces without their dreams? Go in search of kindred spirits who share your ideals and goals and join forces on collaborative projects and philanthropic endeavors. Don’t be shy about networking like a pro and assembling your A-team. ,Since powerful Pluto is finishing its long tour of Capricorn soon, January is the last month in your life when it’ll mingle with the Sun in this part of your chart. They’ll make an exact meetup on January 20 before both march into Aquarius. You couldn’t write a more dramatic series finale if you tried!,Holiday break is officially over, Pisces—but the stars are on your side. At 10:08PM EST on New Year’s Day, communication planet Mercury ends a tricky retrograde that began on December 13, disrupting travel and interactions over the break. ,For the past week, mental Mercury has been retrograding through Sagittarius and your career zone, making you hesitant to take any major risks on the work front. (Hopefully you were off the clock between Christmas and New Year’s Eve!) Whatever the case, the confusion and mixed messages come to an end today as the articulate planet resumes forward motion. ,Give your resume a final read, upload that awesome photo to your LinkedIn profile, polish your pitch deck. Make up for lost time by doubling down on your strategic socializing and even your cold-calling. Your prospects for advancement (or, if you’re seeking it, career change) are excellent starting NOW!,Lightness returns starting January 11, when the year’s first new moon lands in Capricorn and your eleventh house of group activity, friendships and networking for a month. Delegate a few of those hefty responsibilities and go mingle with your people. You’ll accomplish more away from your desk and out in the world, talking to people and sharing your idealistic visions. Over the next couple of weeks, you could befriend a brand-new crew or join forces for a creative collaboration.,This new moon will also form a T-square (three-way pull) with the karmic lunar nodes in Aries and Libra, the rulers of your financial houses. Money concerns could bubble up in your social life. Perhaps your budget is tighter after the holidays, but you feel uncomfortable (and inwardly conflicted!) saying “no” to an invitation now. After all, you don’t want to bring up money if everyone else seems to have it to spare. ,Later this month, you’ll want to power down until your birthday as the Sun slips into Aquarius and your sleepy twelfth house on January 20. For the next four weeks, slow down and lighten up your social calendar and other obligations. ,This go-with-the-flow vibe suits your dreamy sign, especially in the depths of winter hibernation. Stay in and light some candles; read a great book and queue up your favorite winter playlists. Let your mind drift. If you live near a body of water, bundling up for a meandering walk with your favorite music or an inspiring audiobook could help you ease some emotional tension.,With tough Saturn in your sign from March 2023 until February 2026, you’ve (hopefully) learned some harsh lessons in the past year. It’s been a crucial period in your development, but a lot for your empathic sign to take in! Use this time to reflect on how much you’ve grown emotionally. Have you become more resilient in the face of adversity, better able to advocate for yourself? Maybe you’ve now capable of hearing feedback without becoming defensive or going down a shame spiral. ,Use Aquarius season to process all that expansion—and to take a brief timeout from Saturn’s personal growth boot camp. You’ve earned it!,Surrender, Pisces! Heavyweight Pluto takes a plunge into the depths of your subconscious this month, activating your twelfth house of spirituality, the unconscious and the imagination (aka “the Pisces house”).,From March 23, 202,3 to June 11, 2023, the intensifying dwarf planet made its first appearance in Aquarius since 1798. On January 20, it shows up for its second visit, which will last until September 1. Next comes a final encore in Capricorn (September 1 to November 19) before the planet of transformation settles into Aquarius until (gulp) 2044.,Due to its irregular, elliptical orbit, Pluto spends anywhere from 12 to 30 years in each sign, and it takes a total of 248 years to make its way through the entire zodiac. Over the next two decades, while regenerative Pluto is lodged in the house that Pisces naturally rules, your psychic and empathic abilities will be off the charts. You’ll be so in tune with the vibes around you that shielding your field becomes extra critical to keep you from absorbing everyone else’s issues like an emotional sponge—something you’re already susceptible to.,Since Pluto is associated with purging and the twelfth house is about letting go, this cycle is ideal for releasing old pain, attachment, guilt and anger in order to lighten your own load. Remember that forgiveness is a gift you give yourself. In fact, the person you need to let off the hook might be YOU. Seek support in processing buried emotions and past wounds. You’ve gotta deal to heal, but there’s no need to “go there” all by yourself.,Are your habits keeping you healthy and energized? The January 25 Leo full moon illuminates your sixth house of work and well-being. This spotlight moment helps you take inventory of everything from your eating habits to exercise to how you regulate stress. Bring in some helpful apps to track your routines and rhythms. Make sure you’re getting your steps in and moving your body on the regular too. Book those overdue doctor appointments, and restock your vitamins and supplements. ,Digestive health is ruled by the sixth house, so pay special attention to what you’re eating and how it affects you. Your gut can dictate a lot about your wellness, including your immunity. Consider a probiotic to keep things in check or add some kimchi and kombucha to your diet for gut health benefits. With the full moon opposite Pluto and squaring off with Jupiter, doing work around your mindset and being conscious about the words you utter will be crucial too.,The sixth house also rules helpful people, employees and systems. Does Team Pisces have any weak links in the chain? Use this moment to analyze where you could be more efficient and productive. Could you hire some support or delegate more? Maybe you need to train a wingperson to take over certain tasks or upgrade to a service provider with specialized knowledge. Still staring at those unbuilt bookshelves that need to be put together or another lingering reno project? Pay someone for a couple hours of work. Knocking that project out will be well worth the expense, especially if it helps your life run like a well-oiled machine.,Let the brainstorming begin! On January 27, innovative Uranus wakes up from a five-month retrograde in your cerebral third house. Have you gotten stuck in a mental plateau, with a side bout of tunnel vision? As Uranus corrects course, you’ll suddenly see options that you couldn’t before. Maybe one of your New Year’s resolutions was to stop complaining or to give others the benefit of the doubt. (Or, um, maybe it could be…) ,Spinning your wheels on a project? Explore novel ideas and offbeat approaches before rushing to take the safe route. With future-forward Uranus opening your mind to alternate routes—and lucky Jupiter also in Taurus until May 25—adopt a student mentality. Sign up for classes, devour podcasts, ask friends to recommend info sources. If you’ve been itching to explore a new social scene, Uranus direct could connect you to kindred spirits. Get a coffee date or call on the calendar and explore the percolating synergies.,This month starts off on a more serious note but ends with a lighthearted twist. Both of the love planets, Venus and Mars, are in Sagittarius as January arrives, activating your tenth house of long-term goals. You want to know where things are going and to make plans for the future. With Venus and Mars in this structured zone, you’ll feel more grounded by making concrete commitments, whether you’re booking two weeks in July for a trip to Italy or making monthly contributions to an IRA.,Single Pisces can use this time to set some relationship intentions for the year. Get practical and tangible about it—spell out the specifics. What action steps will you take to meet someone? For example, you could join an interest-based group in which people who geek out over the same things as you do also hang out. You might take a personal-growth workshop or ask friends to give honest feedback on a dating profile.,Luckily, levity starts to return after January 4, when Mars glides into Capricorn and your free-spirited eleventh house until February 13, helping you shift back into a “live and let live” mindset. When Venus joins Mars here from January 23 to February 16, your spirit soars even more. Don’t underestimate the power of laughing with friends over brunch or watching a stupidly hilarious comedy. ,Make an effort to get out and socialize, even in the winter temps and dark nights. You never know who you’ll meet with vivacious Venus in this outgoing sector. Even if you don’t make a long-term love connection, you’ll be reminded that there’s a big world out there, filled with fun, interesting people. Go be among your crew, no matter what’s going on in your personal life. Volunteering for a worthy cause can restore perspective or add more meaning to a happy relationship.,You’re a naturally creative person, Pisces, and you typically play with others. While the Sun is in Capricorn and your collaborative eleventh house until January 20, brainstorm and kick around ideas with friends and coworkers. Keep the brilliance flowing by stimulating yourself with webinars or workshops, or reading a wide swath of blogs that broaden your perspective.,On January 4, Mars wraps up a visit to Sagittarius and your tenth house of career that began on November 23. The red planet will be in Capricorn until February 13, revving up team spirit. At the Leo full moon on January 25, get your systems in order. Work and organization get a boost from these beams. You’re an idea machine after January 27, when innovative Uranus ends a five-month retrograde in your communication house.,Love Days: 23, 28,Money Days: 8, 16,Luck Days: 6, 14,Off Days: 25, 3,See All Signs,


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