Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

Ready for rainfall, Scorpio? If you’ve been experiencing a bit of a (cash flow) drought of late, things should turn around soon. Perhaps as early as this Monday, January 1 (at 10:08PM EST), the moment messenger Mercury ends its retrograde through Sagittarius and your second house of finances. Mercury flipped into reverse gear on December 13, and backed up into Sagittarius on December 23, which may have brought some unexpected disruptions: higher-than-anticipated bills, accounting errors or delayed payments to you. But this week, with Mercury correcting course and gaining momentum, you can breathe a sigh of relief. As the quicksilver planet revs forward through your money sector until January 13, you can loosen your belt one notch at a time. Use your own innate savviness to decide which expenditures you can trim, what you cancel, and also where you could invest in your own growth and future. For instance, if you recognize a gap in your skill set, reflect on what you can do to not only fill in that gap, but also how you can expand what you already offer clients or employers. It might be time to take a course, work with a business coach or branding specialist or upgrade your software tools. Mercury is associated with communication and collaboration, and over the coming weeks, your networking might help you develop a profitable co-production with someone you enjoy teaming up with! ,Social outreach may become a top priority later in the week, when action planet Mars returns to Capricorn and your expressive third house on Thursday. The cosmic motivator hasn’t visited this realm in two years, and now it’s dangling the possibility of six weeks of fruitful conversations. In Capricorn, there’s likely to be a practical component to most discussions, but this is also an opportunity to feel into and talk about any buried emotions that are surfacing. Mars is your co-ruler, so whatever it gets up to will affect you personally. As a Scorpio, you’re well aware of the fact that professional advancement has as much to do with WHO you know and the nature of those relationships as WHAT you know. With Mars in the third house, between now and February 13, strategic networking will be your key to success. This sector includes your social circle, so drop your guard and invite new faces into your world. If you’ve been thinking about expanding your brand or launching a podcast—or maybe a mastermind group—this is an ideal time for planting seeds and nurturing them. Focus on the synergies you can co-create and Mars’ shadow side of competitiveness and jealousy won’t bother you. Keep it all about you, your vision and the people you can make magic with and pour your energy into that!,See All Signs


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