Today’s Scorpio Horoscope for January 20, 2024 – January 21, 2024

The pen—and the voice—are mightier than the sword this Saturday, as your ruler, potent Pluto, syncs up with the Sun in Capricorn for the final time in a 16-year cycle! With your third house of communication getting turbocharged, simply speak your truth without confusing, conflating or manipulating. But make sure you know what you want to say, especially where there’s been conflict brewing. Anger or resentment will only serve to water down your message. Make “grace under fire” your motto. Monumental shifts await later this Saturday when the Sun, then Pluto decamps to Aquarius and your domestic fourth house. Hunker down for hygge season while el Sol beams here through February 18. And with your cosmic custodian now in Aquarius for essentially 20 years, you could feel a strong pull to discover more about your ancestry, unpack intergenerational baggage or get to the bottom of a family secret. If your home doesn’t feel like the sanctuary you long for, explore things like Feng Shui and energetic space clearings to get the energy flowing toward wellness, abundance and joy. Your ruling planet, Pluto, wants you to work with hidden forces and transmute pain into strength.


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