Virgo Weekly Horoscope

Home sweet…where? Ever since your ruler, restless Mercury, retrograded back into your domestic center on December 23, you may have felt at a crossroads with a certain friend or relative or confused about your living situation. But relief is at hand! On Monday, January 1 (at 10:08PM EST), the messenger planet corrects course, which should begin to melt the stress or confusion. The tension that’s been simmering—and maybe has reached a full boil—should dissipate, and you’ll feel grateful you resisted doing anything rash. When Mercury straightens out late on NYD, you’ll be able once again to take a less triggered and more rational look at your roots. But if you need to clear the air, be the one to suggest a heart-to-heart where you both can share your feelings and, if necessary, establish better lines of communication or clearer boundaries. The frustration may stem from you not feeling settled in your place, whether because of roommate dynamics or decor. What simple changes can you do that will shift the energy and make you feel comfy and cozy at Chez Virgo? Maybe something as simple as a pile of accent pillows and adding some lush, hanging houseplants could do the trick. But if you’ve been contemplating a more dramatic change, like putting your place on the market or hunting for a rental in a different part of town—or different city altogether—this Mercury move could inspire you to take one serious, concrete step. ,Get ready for a romantic renaissance later this week! On Thursday, passionate Mars returns to Capricorn after a two-year absence (abstinence?). When the red-blooded planet blasts into your fifth house of amour and glamour—and creativity—it’ll be hard to conduct “business as usual.” From now until February 13, you will be the lucky recipient of a cosmic boost in the love department. This is also your zone of artistry and children, so you might experience a boon in those areas as well. Follow Mars’ audacious lead and initiate action in anything that you’re interested in, from a new dating prospect to an open mic night to starting or expanding a family. All sincere efforts will be well rewarded. Mars in this sector also inspires a little extra glamour, which should be music to your fashionable sign’s ears. If you do go all in (hair, makeup, professional style consult), consider booking a photo shoot for your branding assets, LinkedIn—and dating app—profiles.,See All Signs


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